Gingival Esthetics

Gingival Esthetics

What is gingival esthetics ?

    The gingival esthetics is also important as the esthetics smile, these operations are set aside by the most patients and doctors.

Which applications can set an example for gingival esthetics?

    Some of the applications are aligning gingiva to correct level and colour harmonisation, redesigning the tissue that is recessed on gingiva, elonging the tooth’s size and forming a restauration, the botox application in esthetics that are not able to be solved in a surgical operation.

What is important to take care of in gingival esthetics?

    It is provided with the imaginary contour that follows the gingiva and is at the front middle teeth’s top while smiling. It is important that gingiva is symmetric, esthetically in a good shape and it fills the triangle shape in between teeth.

What is needed to be taken care of before gingival esthetics?

    It mustn’t be forgotten that before these treatments, gingiva should have an healthy colour and texture and oedem level must be under control and the patient should take habits of having an oral hygiene.