Laminated Teeth

Laminated Teeth

What Is a Laminate Veneer?

    These are veneers made of porcelain or composite that are applied to the teeth by doing a little bit of abrasion on the front faces or without touching the teeth to correct any negative change in color, structure, and location at the front teeth group. The maximum resolution of aesthetical concern is targeted by reducing the destruction to the least for original tooth of patient. By using the glass like materials, light transmission is shown, and it is impossible to distinguish laminate veneers from natural teeth.

To Whom Laminate Veneer Is Applied?

  • Patients who have abrasion and broken teeth at the front side of dentition,
  • Patients who are not be able to have fillings for their decays,
  • Patients with missing teeth,
  • Patients with crooked teeth problem,

    This treatment is applied to the ones without any dental health problems and to people who wants more aesthetic teeth. It is prepared specially according to the one’s needs, and it is applied within the dentist’s approval.

What Are the Advantages of Laminated Teeth?

  • Minimum teeth preparation is required.
  • High level of aesthetic may be provided.
  • It may mask the coloration and it is a long-lasting treatment.
  • It doesn’t need any anesthesia.
  • As it is a conservative treatment, all other possibilities of treatment are always possible.