Masseter Botox

Masseter Botox

What is Masseter Botox?

    Known as masseter botox colloquially and called as masseter reduction by having pressure on the jaw muscles, it is the application that prevents the muscles from being constracted temporarily.

What are the complaints about that lead to Masseter Botox?

    Patients who need this treatment grind their teeth a lot in general, they gnash their teeth and they complain a lot due to contracting teeth, from jaw and it’s joints as they grind their teeth a lot. In addition to all, patients may complain about neck and head aches for grinding teeth for a long time and they also complain about not finding a solution for it.

What is targeted with Masseter Reduction? 

The patient who has been applied a regular and correct masseter botox have a weakening jaw muscles in time in a controlled way and finds it’s shape that is envisioned. Within the strength of the chewing force coming to it’s desired limits, it is targetted to prohibit abrasion on teeth, articulation problems and gingival recessions.

Would there be any inadequacy in chewing functions after the Masseter Reduction?

    Patients might feel weakness in their muscles of chewing for the first weeks but this will not have a huge impact on chewing functions.

To what we must pay attention after the Masseter Reduction? 

    Patient must avoid heavy exercise for 24 hours, mustn’t take a shower for 6 hours, mustn’t rub the area that the botox is applied. Patient must follow the suggestions of the dentist and need to follow the treatment in sequences and need to follow how frequently it should be repeated and mustn’t skip them.

How long does the Masseter Reduction is effective and on what sequences it should be made?

    Masseter Reduction is effective averagely 3-6 months and it is advised to be repeated maximumly 6 months later in order to continue in an effective way.

Does it show an immediate effect right after the application of Masseter Reduction?

    After the implementation of the Masseter Reduction, it shows a direct effect after the first week.

Does the face shape change after the Masseter Reduction? 

    The masseter muscles are very developed and swollen for the patient’s who grinds a lot for a long time. This causes patients to have a look of square face. As the patient’s normal muscles turn back to normal after the application of an effective jaw botox, thinning is observed on the chin area.