Smile Design

Smile Design


    The smile design is an operation to make the smile natural and beautiful as much as possible by taking into consideration of patient’s facial shapes and needs for esthetically deteriorated teeth and gingiva. It is known as Hollywood Smile in our society. Thanks to the smile aesthetic, also your smile may become natural and attractive.

    During the process of smile aesthetic, patients have healthy look of gingiva. Discolouration, cracks, fractures on teeth are corrected. Correct closure of jaw is the point that is tried to be maintaned. Your dentist take specialitiesinto consideration such as colour of your skin, tooth and lip specialities. Your teeth and gingiva should look natural while you are smiling.

    For an ideal and aesthetic smile, more than one operation is done in sequences and the total of these operations create the aesthetic smile. If two teeth are longer in women, if teeth are homogenously positioned in a scattered way in man, and if the cheek support is taken, more esthetical and healthier teeth may be formed. Smile aesthetic is done by computer supported system. The mesures taken from the patient’s mouth is determined with models, problems are determined and plannings are prepared. Then, measurements are taken by taking the patient’s mouth-in and face photographs on computer with a special program and the proportion is calculated according to the face shape.

    The most approximate images likely to be after the treatment is prepared with the temporary programs and presented to the patient with temporary restorations that fits in the patient’s mouth and the opinion of the patient is taken. You can see how your smile matches with your face after the application. As your smile is being designed, your demands, wishes and your dentist’s decision are important. At the end of the treatment, you may have the smile that you wish and start to build up more healthy relations in your social life.

    First of all, the teeth with decays and gingival diseases are treated. Then, teeth cleaning operations are implemented.Following to these operations, the others are being determined according to the needs of patients. In general, these operations are gingival esthetics intentions called as gingivectomi, teeth whitening (bleaching) methods, implant and protheses applications to compensate the missing teeth, porcelain, zirconium veneers and orthodontic treatments (brackets).

 In smile aesthetic;

  • Patient’s age
  • Patient’s gender
  • Patient’s face shape
  • Gums
  • Lip structure

are the factors that are taken into consideration.

    As it is paid attention to the points above in aestetic smile, aestetic smiles may be formed. By working with a professional team you may have an aestetic smile by having  healthy teeth and gums and you may take your confidence back.