What Is Zirconium Tooth?

What Is Zirconium Tooth?


   To begin with, enough erosion is applied for zirconium teeth application. The next step is the measurement. Measurements may be taken by using classic materials or mouth-in scanner systems. The whole part of the tooth may be done by making it zirconium (Monolithic) or using porcelain on the zirconium base. As the patient finishes the process of trying on, the process is finished within the operation of adhering teeth. Zirconium crowns are a lot more advantageous in contrast to classic metal supported porcelains.  As it is a material colored as the tooth color, a similar appearance may be obtained.

    The thickness may be maintained as it is obtained with the scratching method via computer-based environments. Thanks to that, tooth’s amount to be cut is reduced. This method is tissue friendly and the possibility to show allergic reactions is also low. As the inside of gingiva part of it so thin, the bacteria involvement and the reactions due to the gingiva is minimal. It has a resistance against corrosion. The resistance of it is high against the forces, but there is a risk to have fractures at the areas with large widths (3 teeth loses on lateral sides) against the forces.

    Today, people’s need of smile aesthetics and demands of zirconium crown have increased. Even though, the cost of it is higher and seem like a disadvantage, one of the keyways to have the smile that you desire is to have zirconium teeth.


On which conditions zirconium may be used? 

  • Teeth with a lot of abrasion,
  • Teeth with no harmonic color and lost functions in filled teeth
  • Teeth that are crooked, having gaps in between and at where orthodontics is not preferred (braces)
  •  On the situations that implant is not needed; toothlessness
  • To sum up, it fits for many cases, at where we want naturality.

What are the advantages of zirconium crown? 

  • The biggest advantage and the most important things are that it provides naturality.
  • When metal reflection (blackish parts on gingiva) starts to appear on gingiva with teeth recession happening years after the veneers with metal infrastructure, it happens very late in zirconium teeth and what we call as metal reflection is not seemed less than zirconium’s color
  • Some patients may develop allergic reactions to metal while using prothesis with the metal infrastructure, but nearly none of them who has veneers with zirconium.

How long may I use my zirconium crown?

    It can be used for a long period of time if the controls of teeth and gum care are done regularly and correctly. But as it does not have a living form and cannot renew itself, no time may be specified clearly.