Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

    One shouldn’t think the aesthetic dentistry as it is all about teeth. It includes a lot more parameters than lips, gums, one’s prototype of face, color of the skin etc.

What is the application of Aesthetic Dentistry?

Crown-bridge: It is applied with fixed or removable partial dentures like zirconium, E-max, metal supported porcelain, laminate. Not only it is thought to be as aesthetics, but also not only considered as tooth, skin color, face shape, lip curvature and the parameters like visible teeth length need to be fulfilled.

Aesthetic filling:  It includes the filling corrections according to the teeth’s yellow-white-gray tones and morphologic structure of the teeth. Called as composite veneers, it may be completed with only one treatment at a time by doing the most appropriate operations at the front part of the mouth.

Teeth Whitening: What lies under our genetics is our teeth color. We may see some people have white codes, while the others have very yellow tone codes even, they brush very well. In this case, the only way to have very white teeth is only possible with the technique that we call bleaching. The tone only gets visibly whiter with only one or two seances depending on the brand. However, after a while from the operation, the defects or filling or decays may be diagnosed, and these factors may be eliminated then bleaching may be applied.

Braces or Brackets:

    It is targeted to have the correction of functions or the shape on the face by eliminating the differences between the crooks and jaw relations. As it is possible to apply such treatments with braces also for the patients, not preferring braces the transparent plaques are also available.

Gingival ( Gum) Treatment:

    Regaining the pink color on gingiva (gum) or on the condition that gingiva (gum) is too visible the correction with special and basic operations for color and visibility.

    In general, these treatments are enough for aesthetical dentistry. But, for the cases that it is vital, one of these treatments is not enough and it is applied with a multiple seances.