Prosthetic Dental Treatment

Prosthetic Dental Treatment

What is the treatment of prosthetics?

    Prosthodontics is the operations for diseases that are due to trauma, gum disease or with other reasons that cause teeth to lose their function by using dental variables for the aim to have an healthy teeth, function, relaxation and aesthetics.

    A patient may avoid smiling and may damage self-confidence by not being able to speak, chew as a result of lost tooth. It may result in physcological problems. To eliminate all negative effects, fixed denture, implants on prosthetics, bridges, removable prosthetics, metal crowns, zirconium crowns. The goal is to make the quality of life to rise.

What types of dentures are used in prosthodontics?

    Generally, although the types of prostheses are distinguished into two groups such as fixed denture and removable denture, it is possible to evaluate the prostheses on the implants.

What are the treatment options in the prosthesis?

    Crown restorations can be made in the manner of covering the entire tooth or depending on the enlarger to lose tissue in the tooth, inlay-onlay restorations are made to teeth that have an extremely loose tent and does not have sufficient tissue capacity to be absorbed by the filling.

What are the options for prosthetic treatment?

 Fixed Dentures: Fixed dentures is a treatment that is used for fillings that don’t have enough surface to be cured, having an extreme missing tooth, restauration of inlay and onlay according to the size of the lost tissue on teeth or in a way that they encompasses the crown restauration. On the cases that there are one or more missing teeth, the denture called bridge prothesis are made by taking the support of the both teeth next to the gap. The development in the treatment of prosthetic, technological advances in dentistry have increased people’s functional and esthetical expectations. Especially the metal alloy used instead of the infrastructal material within the rise in esthetical expectation gave it’s place to superior esthetics and bio-compability and high resistance to the materials that are on high level.

 Zirconium Restaurations: Called as zirconium restaurations they are the restaurations in the treatment option of prosthetics. Zirconium restauration usage in fixed and prothesis on implants became widespread as the zirconium is close to the colour of natural teeth and showing great resistance to the force of chewing.

 Laminate Restaurations: Laminate restaurations is the best restauration type that allows the best esthetics by cutting a small part from the teeth, it is for the colouration in front and side teeth area and on the malpose teeth ( not lining by being extremely at the front or behind), for diestamas ( open space between the teeth), for erosed teeth and as an alternative to full crowns for young patients.

 Removable Dentures: These are the dentures that contains of metal pieces elonged on the teeth surface on natural teeth in order to take support from other teeth and it is able to remove them. These missing pieces are distracting the image.

 Prothesis on Implant: Implants supported dentures on prothesis and prothesis placed on implants are called prothesis on implant. Prothesis on implants help to save both the bone and gingiva.  

 Implants supported fixed dentures: On the event that one or more teeth is missing, these are the crowns or bridge prothesis which take support from one or more than one implants. They are fixed by making it stick or with a screw. These crowns or bridges may be metals, ceramics or zirconium.

 Removable Dentures on Implant: In all cases with no teeth, this is an operation that is held to place 2,3 or 4 implants. These prothesis are prothesis which take support from implants and gingiva. The problem doesn’t exist for the patients with the resorbed jaw bones that have least implants with removable prothesis which are moving and not fitting well.

How to make the cleaning of removable dentures?

    By using different cleaning products , the removable prothesis may be cleaned. For the cleaning process, the tablets for the water soluble, effervescent tablets are used. On the cases that these tablets don’t exist, removable dentures are cleaned by tooth brush or prothesis’ brush. Teeth are cleaned with a tooth brush and then removable dentures may be placed into the mouth. It is enough to rinse mouth for the patients with no teeth using total denture.