Embedded Wisdom Tooth

Embedded Wisdom Tooth


    Embedded wisdom tooth grow at the ages of 17-26 and they are the third biggest mollar teeth in the back area of lower and upper jaw.

    Some people may not have wisdom teeth as they have tight chins. They might stay completely both under the gingiva (surface of your gums) and jaw bones and also may be found half embedded under the gingiva. In this case, they cause to the infection at the area that they got separated from gingiva by stucking there and by accumulating. At the surroundings of the wisdom tooth, there might be swelling and redness, pain that radiates to the neck and ear, swelling at the lymphatic gland, this pain is called pericoronitis which causes pain during jaw opening and swallowing. 

    As it is an hard area to be rached at, brushing is much more difficult in contrast to the other teeth. Due to the not adequate brushing, it leads to pain and mouth odour by decaying easily. Furthermore, they may lead to the tooth decay by having pressure on the adjacent tooth. Sometimes wisdom teeth may result in squeezing the teeth front, they may create crooked teeth. When the crooked teeth is diagnosed , wisdom tooth must be extracted.

    The wisdom teeth totally embedded in jaw without any recognisition may lead to serious problems by having cysts get bigger. By this means, even if there is no problem that occurs wisdom teeth absolutely must be followed up.