Orthodontics Treatment

Orthodontics Treatment

What is Orthodontics Treatment ?

  Known as brackets/braces treatment in daily language, it’s a dental disorder treatment happening at the early stages of or seen in the following years as it has been late to begin the treatment.

   In general, orthodontics treatment start at the age around 9-14. However, American Association of Orthodontics recommends that all children should see an orthodontist before the age 7 in order to control development of deciduous teeth and for their replacement with permanent teeth. Thanks to this treatment, possible orthodontic problems can be diagnosed earlier and treated accurately. Thus, potential tooth decays, gingival diseases, and tooth losses can be prevented. Providing a better chewing, less dental abrasion and correction of some maxillofacial pains can be mentioned among other benefits of orthodontic treatment.

What are the methods that are used in the orthodontic treatment?

  In general, orthodontic treatments are a treatment that is done by putting braces on the teeth surfaces. However, there are also types of many other braces. They are variable depending on the treatment’s type and budget.

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Sapphire (Ice) Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Damon Metal Brackets
  • Damon Transparent Brackets
  • Lingual Braces

How to take care of the hygiene and teeth care in orthodontics?

  In orthodontics, a very important point to take care of is oral and teeth care on regular basis. After having eaten ameal, teeth must be brushed. The residues in the brackes should be cleaned neatly. On the contrary, residues affect the oral and teeth health negatively.

  Also, the usage of elastics is compulsory in orthodontics treatment causes bacterias’ and microorganisms’accumulation that results in harming your teeth and gingiva. The one and only way to prevent this is to take care of your oral and teeth health.

  The importance of preference of tooth brush is also very important. As there are brackets, special orthodontic brushes and interdental brushes must be used. First, without a lot of pressure, teeth must be brushed with a special orthodontic brush. Then, by using the interdental brush, all the spaces in between must be brushed. Your brushing time will become longer as long as you wear brackets. You need to brush your teeth 3-5 minutes per day averagely. Daily wash usage is also must be supported with mouth rinse.

How long does the treatment of orthodontics takes?

  It depends on a lot of variable factors such as patient's age, development speed, jaw development, degree of the crook, method that is used for the treatment.